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Adjacent to Fuxing Park and Yandang Pedestrian Street in the former French Concession,  the Pudi Boutique Hotel (Shanghai Pudi Jingpin Jiudian) is within easy reach of the shopping and dining of areas of Xintiandi and Huaihai Zhong Lu as well as the charming former French Concession shops,  galleries,  tea houses,  coffee shops,  bars and restaurants. Metro Lines 1 and 10 are within easy walking distance.[View Detail]     

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  • apple_lxl
    Company has been living, very good
  • jessie1029
    Well, colleagues specified!
  • coolboy1982
    Good location, is not the breakfast, everything else is good
  • Anderlo
    Which is very nice
  • emily780830
    Lots no said, make in the take static, around shopping dinner hanging out are is convenient, service also nothing too more say of, after all is chain hotel, and does not necessarily can guarantee like five-star chain as of response. room is big is spacious, but because in urban lower, lighting and views are not too good, day secretly of, facilities aspects somewhat surprise. many flashy of equipment, taps like of feel design of loaded forced and not human, let people Colt of
  • bowenss229
    Location in a quiet, nice
  • scenery05
    Good in every way, very comfortable surroundings, but the location is hard to find
  • d05903126
    Well next time come back again next time it's still good the next time
  • Oliver Wang
    Hotel and surroundings were very good
  • Jason.Lutao
    Room good.
  • a42138765
    Reservation for the customer, I heard that breakfast is not, hoping for an improvement. location is fine, from the Office, go to the. problem is the main entrance is difficult to find guests looking for a long time to find the door. hide hidden. room full of big, is the light is too Dim, not suitable for business people. not clear.
  • jenny1000
    It's OK
  • jimmy198
    That's good
  • e02739862
    Meeting the next day in the new world, living here is very convenient. free parking ... hotel was good, not too hard to find.
  • binnil
    Quiet location, room pattern is unique, quite characteristic
  • yueyue8556
    Good location
  • James234
    Design is very tasteful, nice, convenient location naozhongqujing, very satisfied with ... is that the price is a bit expensive.
  • jef0987
    Very nice hotel, very petty, went very close to Huaihai Road, nothing easy
  • a7830700l
    1 cannot delay, 2 breakfast is too expensive and the quality is too poor, 3 is not transparent
  • fly1984
    Hotel full of Zen, Asian decorating styles, the only problem is, when I go to sleep I Leng couldn't find closing wine cooler light switch.
  • lixp8108
    Hotel service is far better than that year, room and no night bed, the food quality has fallen, I'm sorry ...
  • banderui
    Very nice, decor very good
  • bb375816359
    Facilities very good is the dark bad service
  • dondu
    Relatively large bathroom, Jacuzzi and comfortable, washing products are occitane! hotel is quite unique!
  • AndyGuan
    Before the Spring Festival, few guests, temporary reserve arrangements but the smallest room, room had a smell, friend found the body in the morning went to the hospital after bitten by a flea-check said. He will never live
  • boom_1017
    The hotel can also, room was large, downstairs is very good
  • minrun
    Help a friend scheduled, it should be good.
  • bear279
    Nice surroundings, just air conditioning in the room a little smell, affecting the overall air quality in the room, nice hotel
  • bondrepo
    Environmental privacy service in good shape is the breakfast
  • E02435540
    Rooms very large and facilities are very good, as well as audio equipment and washer, lying hotels of this is a fully open internal facilities quite upscale, breakfast was a bit
  • dyxpet
    Good good
  • cn8772
    The location is good, night reservation, hotel active upgrade suite, room decoration style features, but some of the old, toiletries complete occitane, Yes. but as hotel prices are too high, set earlier, same price can move in various well-known brands five-star hotel.
  • bluelion996
    Very disappointing experience, the hotel is like a small hotel, the facility is too old and dark tonal feeling patterns of health hotel style color very boring not that I like
  • davidnww
    Upgrade to a suite, very well. so extend it for two days
  • cybernum
    Hotels close to Fuxing Park Huaihai Road. Entertainment traffic very convenient. environment is very characteristic.
  • fuyun284246358
    Not for the first time, go to Shanghai for the preferred, all these years, environment and health is still good but this time, there was a little unpleasant things, understands the difficulty of staff, but their assertions and explanation is absolutely unacceptable, promised the next day to my back has yet to materialise. feel service concepts and communication skills than before ~
  • e02598333
    Location very good, clean, service so-so, and overall good. nearby is convenient room conditions can also total bathroom good ~ recommend.
  • aitutu_2011
    Quiet surrounding many of hotel facilities is very good, the next time you stay
  • jason_dong
    Have lived here, service, environmental aspects are very good
  • mtxbar
    Not bad, nothing special
  • gigi79655
    Elegant and quiet environment, good
  • E02391438
    Foreign hotel, no lobby, no gorgeous, local gold certainly don't like it, because there is no compliment services took the cards themselves at the front desk to your room, all care, privacy, private lines are strong. foreigners like, Western bar downstairs, old Shanghai style, European-style architecture, antique. low-key guests should be like.
  • steveglin
    Hotel naozhongqujing. facilities were also good.
  • cicicraft
    General Hotel location is also more difficult to find but in exquisite room designs are really good to make people feel very comfortable rooms all have a speaker can listen to the disc's only complaint was that the bath water is too slow is not used
  • cinderella5477
    Nice hotel.
  • joy00000000
    Not bad
  • applewei
    Towels old and out after six o'clock in the afternoon hope staff clean the room, 5:30 was told off, suddenly had a bad feeling
  • cjj_jessie
    Quiet atmosphere, look will find carefully thought about manifold benefits. However, GA GA THUMP, THUMP, air conditioning at night, breakfast very disappointing, not self, go around to eat, haha!
  • joywings
    Decorating the hotel antique
  • Lynne115
    Booked birthday Suite living room playing with nothing to say 22 people have no problem sound is also very good music all night Jacuzzi very nice shop mode there are lots! lots very good! all five stars!