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Pudi Boutique Hotel Fuxing Park Shanghai is located at the corner of the junction of Yandang Road Pedestrian Street and Nanchang Road. It is adjacent to Fuxing Park, a French garden park with a history of nearly 100 years. From the official residence of Renaissance Park and other fashionable bars, the bustling Huaihai Road Commercial Street, Shanghai Xintiandi and other fashionable leisure shopping places are noisy. The whole block is shrouded in a leisurely atmosphere and the shadow of old Shanghai life. It stresses the quality and taste of life, looks forward to feeling the old Shanghai sentiment, and is the residence satisfied by the big stars who have great requirements for privacy.
The entrance of the hotel is secret and there is no lobby. Everything is considered from the perspective of protecting the privacy of the guests and letting the customers not be disturbed. Non hotel guests are not allowed to enter the hotel, while hotel members have a visitor list to receive guests. Intimate Butler style - this original service feature has a warm nickname, called 'xinyuxinyuan', which means that the hotel staff who have been specially trained will provide a flexible, comprehensive, warm and hospitable service for the guests with a sense of pride and enthusiasm.
The design and decoration of guest rooms are full of taste and oriental charm, and spa concept is introduced into the bath of guest rooms to provide customers with 'bath housekeeper' service. The specially made Jacuzzi and five kinds of aromatherapy bath gel can help the guests to wash the tiredness of the journey and work in their own rooms, completely relax their body and mind, and bring you a new experience of extraordinary privacy and luxury.
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FAQs when booking at Pudi Boutique Hotel Fuxing Park Shanghai
  • How far is the hotel from Pudong International Airport Shanghai?

    Pudi Boutique Hotel Fuxing Park Shanghai is 32.2km from the airport.

  • Does Pudi Boutique Hotel Fuxing Park Shanghai offer airport shuttle service?

    Yes, please contact us with flight number to arrange it after booking a room.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Pudi Boutique Hotel Fuxing Park Shanghai?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Pudi Boutique Hotel Fuxing Park Shanghai.

  • Does Pudi Boutique Hotel Fuxing Park Shanghai have a pool or gym?

    The hotel has a gym, but no pool. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Pudi Boutique Hotel Fuxing Park Shanghai have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Pudi Boutique Hotel Fuxing Park Shanghai offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Pudi Boutique Hotel Fuxing Park Shanghai accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Pudi Boutique Hotel Fuxing Park Shanghai accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Pudi Boutique Hotel Fuxing Park Shanghai?

    Each costs cny128 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Pudi Boutique Hotel Fuxing Park Shanghai?

    The room prices is from cny900, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • breadson
    Not bad
  • luinwan
    The hotel upgraded the room free of charge.
  • e02739862
    The second day is a meeting in Xintiandi. It's very convenient to stay here. Satisfied with free parking. The hotel feels good. It's not easy to find.
  • jieluo7813
    I forgot that my watch was in my room. I can't find it. Sorry! The service in the hotel is terrible
  • angelet_yu
    My personal evaluation of this hotel is really general. The light is dim, so I don't need to consider make-up. The shower water is so small, and the temperature is not enough.
  • maliyw
    It's pretty good. I'll check in again if I have the chance
  • d03483902
    Not bad
  • garfield0410
    The environment is very good, the hotel facilities are also very good, recommended
  • bonbonbo
    Everything should be pretty good
  • andyliu1070
    Excellent city center location (10 minutes walk to Xintiandi, Huaihailu Road, multiple attractions), 5 star room size and facilities, 4 star pre service, three-star hotel facilities, 2 star early price, cost performance depends on your needs.
  • lmj19850407
    The space is big. I prefer clean bathroom and comfortable bath
  • minnie_yao
    Great space, great
  • wangjufen
    Very good
  • m00167814
    Huaihai Road is quiet in the middle of the trouble. The room is big enough and the design is good. I've checked in many times. I'm very satisfied
  • gangyoyo
    The hotel was quiet in the middle of the noise. It was found that there was a problem with the air conditioner when checking in, and the room was extremely stuffy. The front desk said that people from the engineering department didn't come to see it. They slept through the open window all night and woke up cold in the morning. I shouldn't live next time.
  • e00008231
    The hotel is very nice and the surroundings are very convenient. It's quiet in the middle of trouble
  • dddad
    The concept hotel is not worthy of its name! Absolutely not. It's a pity that the designer's efforts. The overall evaluation is dirty and messy. I can't eat breakfast!
  • loopo
    The service was particularly poor
  • e02488202
    Spacious area! Superior geographical location! Suitable for private people!
  • brucemem
    I wish I could have a Chinese breakfast
  • fuyun284246358
    It's not the first time I've lived in Shanghai. I'm the first choice to play in Shanghai. After all these years, the sanitation of environmental equipment is still good ~ but this time there was a little unpleasant thing. I can understand the difficulties of the staff, but I can't accept their statements and explanations. The reply promised to me the next day didn't materialize. Felt that the service concept and communication and coordination skills were not as good as before~
  • Aeternus
    The hotel environment is elegant, very quiet and comfortable. I will stay next time
  • goodwin
    Unique room design
  • iamsx
    Overall, it's OK
  • jace1
    It's very close to Huaihai Road, and the room is really comfortable. It's worth coming back next time
  • A-Show
    The hotel is very exquisite and convenient to travel. It can afford the price. The only deficiency is the service. No one comes to send something over the phone, and there is always no one at the front desk...
  • e02661091
  • sandyfeng1982
    Not bad
  • rabbit5122002
    The service was extremely bad at this hotel. We checked in around midnight. When we arrived, the reception guy didnt greet us at all. He silently took our passports to copy and simply handed us the door card without a single word. He didnt escort us to the lift, let alone the room. The room wasnt clean. When we first arrived, there was some black object in the toilet. Premium location but staff service was a big disappointment.
  • maggie518
    Not bad. I'll stay next time.
  • fairty
    Poor parking management
  • lisa.xiao
    As soon as I went in, it was very distinctive, very luxurious, very comfortable and highly praised
  • little_ray
    The room is big and comfortable and the bathroom is quiet
  • amanini
    Without good maintenance and operation, the hotel management needs to be improved, otherwise it is difficult to have repeat customers
  • amao77
    The hotel's hardware and supporting facilities are still good, but the breakfast is too deceptive. Obviously, it doesn't take the customer seriously and perfunctory guests. It looks like it's left over from many days of eating. It's disappointing
  • E00000039
    The hotel hardware is still good. But after checking out, I deducted more than 20 yuan. I called and asked. I said I used the chocolate in the refrigerator. I haven't opened the refrigerator at all. Is there chocolate in it? If it's really used, it will be truthfully on the account sheet. Will you have the quality to stay in this hotel? The hotel said to leave a call and reply after confirmation, there would be no sound, just 20 yuan or so.
  • dcfdvc
    In addition to the location is hard to find, there is no hotel sign on the roadside, and even the people who look at the car at the door every day don't know the existence. The waiter's attitude is very poor. He said it's hard to find it, and he didn't answer to ask if he needs to pick up the luggage. Li blunt told me that the head can drag a little more after work. The hotel should close at night. It's so tiring. What about the service staff? There are no other shortcomings. It's terrible
  • e01716286
    The location of the hotel is good. It is worth recommending
  • jamietutu
    When I arrived at the hotel, I was told that there was no room, so I took it to other hotels and the management was not very good.
  • affairs
  • mycle
  • missy
    It's nice to stay all the time
  • joe_nb
    Stay in Pudi suite. The location is good. It's quiet in the middle of trouble. The facade is a little hidden. It's not easy to find. Very good service, very good room layout.
  • eric_tn_lee
    It should be that the reservation department didn't send the information to the front desk. The front desk couldn't find our reservation. As a result, we waited in the lobby for a long time. We contacted the reservation center ourselves, and then we found our reservation. What's more, our reservation is made a few days in advance. Why didn't the reservation information be transmitted to the front desk.
  • tinna1059
    OK, low-key luxury!
  • e03299351
    The hotel idle away in seeking pleasure and enjoying the happiness is very convenient. The hotel is relatively old, so the decoration and facilities are relatively old, but the room is large, especially the bathroom, so it is very comfortable to live, especially for those who like to stay in the hotel. The highest level of the hotel is only 8 floors, so the landscape is not considered. The hotel restaurant is expensive and has few dishes. It's not worth eating. The hotel service really didn't dare to compliment. When checking in, the front desk answered the phone and handled it. The attitude was the same as owed her money. The most outrageous thing is to go to the front desk to borrow an umbrella when it rains. The front desk told me that there was one in the room. In addition, the hotel had no umbrella to borrow and was speechless.
  • m00882788
    It's a good hotel. It's very artistic.
  • Ein86
    Very fashionable hotel with artistic atmosphere! The service was quite professional!
  • jean81620
    It's good to travel with dogs. It's a very considerate dog house
  • sjip57689
    Very good ~ very private~
  • yiyibuyi
    The location is quiet in the middle of trouble, and there are not many food points nearby. Breakfast is too early. The room facilities are good. The design of the shower room is not private enough. I like it.
  • adragonet
    The floor needs cleaning
  • Andy377
    I haven't touched the refrigerator. I have to charge for drinks in the refrigerator for the first time.
  • Draco Ng
    Second stay quiet and upgrade
  • wlovyan
    Overall, it's still good, but when I checked out in the morning, I actually said that there were nail prints on the trash can to be compensated. Now I can't let go of the trash can in the hotel? Although it was finally solved, the experience was a little poor!!!
  • cs25820101
  • ej87650589
    The urban environment must be relatively general. The apartment style rooms are very emotional and suitable for couples to spend weekends. The breakfast restaurant is very chic but slightly small. It is a defect that the package style can not be changed. Personally, I think the room is worth the money, but the supporting facilities are average.
  • dd big
    Very good. It's worth recommending and sharing. The environment is very comfortable, the facilities are complete, and the appearance is very good. I will stay at this hotel next time.
  • b_bob
    This is a very characteristic hotel, located in the back door of Fuxing Park, Huaihailu Road is close at hand, and it takes 5 minutes to walk to Xintiandi. The front door of the hotel is not big, and the restaurant is also small, but the room is very big. I feel that the hotel has given up the effective space to the guest room, which is especially suitable for people who don't talk about ostentation and pay attention to their own feelings. The hotel has a strong sense of design. Careful design can be found everywhere. The furnishings of the corridor and the hanging pictures of the room are all works of art. I like the clock at the head of the bed best. It can be projected onto the ceiling. I can see the time when I lie on the bed at any time, but it doesn't affect my sleep. I don't know where to sell it. I want to buy one when I go home! The only problem is that breakfast is simple, but it doesn't matter. There are places to eat everywhere, and living comfortably is the most important thing! I'll book this hotel next time.
  • e00168289
    It's very bad. There are fleas. I decided to stay for two nights and left after one night. I'd rather waste money than live
  • passerby
    Very unique experience, excellent geographical location, close to Fuxing Park, the French mixed atmosphere is very strong, the style of the room takes a low-key luxury route, the facilities of double Jacuzzi and double washbasins feel very atmospheric, the music CD prepared for guests is also very tasteful, and the comfortable feeling of private balcony and Imperial concubine's bed makes people don't want to leave the room. It's a great boutique Noble Hotel, Absolute value for money! I'm sure I'll still live here when I come to Shanghai!
  • bwlong
    It's much worse than expected. The carpet is dirty and the room smells bad
  • fang001212
    It's not a good place. Go in from the side~
  • m02055866
    Apart from the untimely reception at the front desk, other things are good. Breakfast is not enough and there are too few varieties.
  • e03130325
    That is great!
  • liyingying1023
    It's very convenient to get quiet and close to Huaihailu Road and Xintiandi.
  • E01573700
  • bencn
    I've checked in many times. I'm quiet in the middle of trouble... The surrounding Huaihai Road, Nanchang Road and Sinan road are my favorite streets in Shanghai. It's convenient to eat and buy. The hotel has a strong smell of Old French. Worthy of recommendation
  • bluesjudy
    Good location, very convenient
  • ldw89
    very good
  • enna_yl
    The location is good and the price is very affordable
  • avventurina
  • neillyx
    I like this hotel very much, although it is not very impressive. But the interior decoration of the room is quite meticulous, very good
  • DR9918
    The hotel is still a good choice.
  • yaungben
  • a1273458
    not bad
  • cjjwl
    It's a very good hotel. There's a big park next to it. It's quiet in the middle of trouble. The facilities are also good