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Shanghai occurrence of this road, why to gather so many star hotel?

Date: 2018-03-05

Famous architect liang sicheng once said: "a 8 kilometers, the world's longest, is also one of the greatest the north-south axis through the city.Beijing unique grandeur order is produced by the establishment of the central axis and..."
As a rising the charm of the town, fengxian city also has a central axis.With the traditional central axis of Beijing bearing historical significance is different, the central axis of the fengxian it more is revealed in the development of the urban context in.From north to south, from prosperity to emerging, it traverses the fengxian city and town, this is the label type road - Jiang Hailu mentioning.
City axis string "Shinkansen"
Each axis, cities are the lifeblood of battalion city dream weavers.Jiang Hailu even more so.
Jianghai road lienchiang hainan road, across the city of Shanghai, south to the shanghai-hangzhou highway, all the way with northern city jia min overhead such as axis, a thorough fares of the city, both sides.
Since the 90 s county hospital of traditional Chinese medicine redirection Jiang Hailu, yeohwa hotel, Jiang Hailu suddenly popular, large and medium-sized business have opened.Year by year and strategies of self-restraint, its superiority is increasingly significant, life background is also more and more mellow.
Now, Jiang Hailu this series a bustling city thoroughfare avenue, merge into one.Journey north of trajectory, and the urban south into the development direction, it may also be the vision of urban policy-makers.Nowadays, Jiang Haina road open to traffic, more become a string "Shinkansen" of urban development.
For city, bustling axis has a double meaning, now a representative, a kind of represent the future.
As is known to all, the high star hotel's location is always strive for perfection.First-tier cities of city land of central cities, supporting and the alcohol the value, the core area of the future, these are all star hotel in details.Because gathering city star hotel popular, is the city business card, the core value of the city.
As the north-south axis of the Beijing YongDingMen to drum tower, on both sides of the gathered the east grand mercure, diaoyutai, tianlun dynasty, new world hotel...These people are high specifications of the hotel.As you can see, in fengxian Jiang Haina road area.
Now, and open up the avenue, greeted the challenge is fengxian new city for more than ten years on the brewing of cheng jing: bailian business circle, rt-mart business circle all around the side.From north to south, diligent, sentosa, Vienna, yeohwa star hotel, which is distribution, sits in the life dream of sages.
From the point of geography location, fengxian new town and the development of small town green wisdom will fit through Jiang Haina road, has a close correlation.In such a prosperous future with both the avenue, located at the heart of town green wisdom wind mouth to fengming GuLing beauty.