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2015 Shanghai popular science education innovation awards ceremony Three academicians won prominent for popular science

Date: 2015-11-10

On November 8, 2015 Shanghai popular science education innovation awards ceremony was held in Shanghai, xiaoya Chen yong-qi xue, shi-chang zou three member of Chinese academy of sciences respectively for outstanding and science award (individual) first prize, in successive selection in most of the member of "winning Numbers".Said Chen xy, participate in popular science is all scientific research personnel, including members of social responsibility, as a botanist, he often to disabuse public on genetically modified (gm) issues.
Shanghai popular science education innovation is the popular science education development foundation in 2012 to set up a nature of awards.As the nation's first funded by social forces and comprehensive science prize, popular science education innovation in Shanghai named this year, a total of 51 awards, divided into the outstanding person, popular science award, science achievement and science media prize four classes.Among them, Chen xy, yong-qi xue won the popular science outstanding person, took the prize of 100000 yuan.
Chen xy is a researcher with the Shanghai plant physiological ecology of the Chinese academy of sciences, he insisted to participate in science, and science venues to more high school, give a lecture, also in the new media solutions from.He spoke most scientific questions are genetically modified (gm).For "insect-resistant transgenic crops since can kill insects, can be harmful to human body" the question, he said, to turn into thuringiensis bacillus (BT) gene of crops, for example, BT can kill a pest, one should see the pest of the digestive tract (pH) environment whether can dissolve BT toxic protein;Second, we must look at its digestive tract whether there is a specific receptor on the cell membrane.Don't have these two conditions, BT is safe to them.
Chen xy, said so far, there is no solid scientific evidence that genetically modified food is harmful to people and have been approved, no solid scientific evidence that genetically modified (gm) crops will worsen ecological environment."One day in the future, is it possible to have proved harmful genetically modified (gm) crops? By then, will open the" Pandora's box "?"For this problem, said Chen xy, "food security" is a relative concept, no food is absolutely safe.As the development of science and technology, some human long-term consumption of food is also proved to contain toxic substances.And the widespread use of pesticides in modern agriculture, when the residue is higher than a certain level, will also be a health hazard.Even if the production of grain and vegetables in organic way, although reduce the pesticide residue, but increased the risk of an infected, the influence caused by the bacterium infection on human health is also unknown.Therefore, within the scope of a certain risk, after extensive scientific evaluation and government approval to genetically modified food should be safe.Humans, on the other hand, through transgenic technology to improve the ability to resist pests of crops, can significantly reduce pesticide use, improve food safety.