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Shanghai to speed up the building independent brand high-end hotels

Date: 2017-03-24

Takes root in Shanghai yesterday, the foreign high-end brand hongqiao sheraton hotel for many years, "flip" for the hongqiao jinjiang hotel, and by the Shanghai local - jin jiang international hotel management group to manage, it also marks the Shanghai speed up build its high-end hotel brand is an important step.

Jinjiang international group in recent years, frequent, layout to expand to 67 countries around the world, global hotel ranking rose to the fifth, with 100 million members, more than 40 brand, the tourism industry has become the world's leading hotel group.

Jinjiang international group party secretary, chairman of the board of directors YuMinLiang introduction, according to the municipal party committee, municipal government and municipal state-owned assets supervision and administration of jinjiang to "become a 5-8 global layout, the transnational operation, multinational group with international competitiveness and brand influence," the goal request, jinjiang international is accelerating the global development in recent years, the implementation of brand strategy.Will be increase during the period of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in", jinjiang hotel industry supply side structural reform, speed up the building independent brand high-end hotels, speed up the development of the brand, enhance the brand core competencies and global influence, trying to "jin jiang" national brand into a world famous brand.

According to relevant statistics show that Shanghai tourism administration by the December 26, 2016, a total of 234 star-rated hotels in Shanghai.The five-star 70, mostly in international hotel brands or managed by foreign hotel group, local hotel with more monomer, the overall strength of the gap is bigger.

Nowadays, jinjiang through before the acquisition, has gradually formed through the international and domestic hotel brand series, all overseas assets accounted for 21.43%.In addition, through constructing the global hotel management committee, the Shared platform of global sourcing to both the domestic and international markets, such as domestic and international new mode of communication between two kinds of resources, make the jinjiang while create high-end independent brand, creating the possibility of competition with the international first-class hotel.

In 2016, jinjiang international group to Shanghai real estate group to buy the hotel after the foreign equity, the two sides after more than 1 year, finally decided to "sheraton" brand management after the contract expires on March 22, entrust the jinjiang hotel management co., LTD., preferred to switch to "jin jiang" brand.To protect the hongqiao jinjiang consistent quality of service quality and brand, such as jinjiang is also through the global talent system, the global Internet sharing platform system construction, global recruiting talent, building WeHotel global direct sharing platform, realize the online global linkage marketing, hotel profitability and core competitiveness.

The new appearance of management "jinjiang preferred", also has a watch.According to introducing, the jin jiang international corp., is specialized in high-end hotel brand management company, the future will focus on building the J hotel located in the center of the Shanghai, located in hongqiao road to "the Chinese traditional residential culture experience park" as the theme of the sea rock garden, and jinjiang, kunlun and other four independent brand high-end projects, is expected to open in Shanghai in 3-5 years five samples for high-end hotels.

It is reported, 3 years, jinjiang will increase in the asia-pacific region layout 250 home end brand hotel, hotel in seven brand GT (YuJinXiang), kang platinum, capital, Vienna, Kyriad, beautiful maple, 喆 · fei hotel will be on display at the meeting, shen.